Invited Speaker

Role of Privacy-aware AI in Smart Mobility

Pradip Kumar Sharma
Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity,
Department of Computing Science, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK

Today's smart mobility industry faces some challenges, such as how to trust the information received by each vehicle? How do achieve consistent and reliable communications among the vehicles, local base station, infrastructure, and network under arbitrary complex environmental conditions? Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications will be a critical factor in the success of the mobility industry. Regulators have also stressed the need to protect messages from fraudulent or deceptive use. The user's privacy must be protected and preserved so that the driver's journey cannot be easily followed or reconstructed by listening to and compiling all the updates that a vehicle has sent and received within a certain period. With smart mobility comes the responsibility of managing the computing infrastructure, which processes huge amounts of data and protects privacy when collecting sensitive data at the edge. In this talk, we will discuss the role of privacy-aware AI in smart mobility.

He is an Assistant Professor in Cybersecurity in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen, UK. He received his Ph.D. in CSE from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology, South Korea. He was a Software Engineer at MAQ Software, India, and involved on variety of projects, proficient in building largescale complex data warehouses, OLAP models, and reporting solutions that meet business objectives and align IT with business.
He has published many technical research papers in leading journals from IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, MDPI, etc. Some of his research findings are published in the most cited journals. He has been an expert reviewer for IEEE Transactions, Elsevier, Springer, and MDPI journals and magazines. He received a top 1% reviewer in computer science by Publons Peer Review Awards 2018 and 2019, Clarivate Analytics. He has also been invited to serve as chair and program committee member in several reputed international conferences such as ACM ICDNC 20201, IEEE CCNC 2021, CSA 2020, HCIS 2020, IEEE ICC2019, IEEE MENACOMM'19, 3ICT 2019, etc.