The 2016 International Conference on
Future Information Technology, applications and services (IFIT 2016 Seoul)

October 20~22, 2016, Seoul, Korea

Hosted by KIPS CSWRG - Korea
Technically Sponsored by KIPS

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The 2016 International Conference on Future Information Technology, applications and services (IFIT 2016 Seoul) will be held in Seoul, Korea, October 20~22, 2016. The IFIT 2016 Seoul will be the most comprehensive international events focused on the various aspects of advances in future IT, applications, and services. In particular, the conference is aimed at address key themes on advanced cloud, IoT, big data, communications and networks, security and trust, multimedia, vehicular, and so on. The conference will provide an opportunity for academic and industry professionals to discuss the latest issues and progress in the area of future IT.
In addition, the conference will publish high quality papers which are closely related to the various theories and practices in future IT. Furthermore, we expect that the congress and its publications will be a trigger for further related research and technology improvements in this important subject.

Proceedings and Special Issues

1. The accepted papers will be included in a Conference CD proceedings (without ISBN / ISSN).
(The only one page or two pages of accepted paper will be included in the proceedings).

2. Good papers accepted and presented in IFIT 2016 Seoul,
after further revisions, will be recommended for the special issues of the following international journals (Confirmed):

Case I: Offline Journal

Step 1. Online First Publication (Within 6 month publication)
Step 2. Offline Publication

** There is no additional Article Processing Charge (APC) in this journal cases **
- The Journal of Supercomputing by Springer (SCI) : Type B
- Cluster Computing by Springer by Springer (SCIE) : Type C
- Multimedia Tools and Applications by Springer (SCIE) : Type C
- Soft Computing by Springer (SCIE) : Type C
- Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing by Springer (SCIE) : Type C

Case II: Online Open Access Journal (Within 6 month, Publication)

** Additional APC MUST be directly paid by author(s) to the publisher
depend on each journal APC policy in this journal cases **
- Sustainaablity by MDPI (SSCI) : Type A
- Symmetry by MDPI (SCIE) : Type D
- Entropy by MDPI (SCIE) : Type D

  • Topics

  • Track 1. Internet of Things and Sensors
    Track 2. Embedded system and Middle ware
    Track 3. Security and Trust Computing
    Track 4. Multimedia Computing
    Track 5. Networking and Communications
    Track 6. Bigdata and Data mining
    Track 7. Cloud Computing
    Track 8. Web and Internet Computing
    Track 9. Grid and Cloud computing
    Track 10. Green IT and Sustainable Computing
    Track 11. Copmutational Intelligent Computing
    Track 12. Human centric Computing